The Realization I’ve Been Doing It All Wrong

I’ve been writing online for over a decade. I’ve been writing fiction for just under that. During that time, I read and listened to so much advise on writing and publishing. I’ve discovered I’ve been doing it all wrong!

The amount of advice for writers online is astronomical. I was pretty religious in reading all that advice. Each piece I implemented, and each time I fell flat on my face. They were telling me what to do, but they weren’t telling if I should.

I was recently listening to a podcast called “So You Want to Be a Writer”. I’ve just started so I am now binge listening from the beginning. That means I’m listening to multiple episodes at a time and filling notebooks of ideas and such that I glean from them. A common idea is that you need to be yourself. Surprise! That is easy, but that is not what I have been told. Well, I should know better than to do everything I’m told. My brother did tell me once to go play in the street.

I set up a website. I found it stifling and boring. I took it down. I put up another website and found the same restrictive feeling. You see, I thought I was doing everything all the wise writers were telling me too. I only wrote about writing and my books. UGH! No one got to really see the real me who is not near that boring. Or at least I don’t think I am.

The advice on this podcast was to be myself. Talk about my day. Talk about the meal I just cooked. Don’t always talk about writing and my books. Umph, that seems contradictory, but guess what? I would prefer to read those blogs that talk about everyday things in a humorous light. Maybe I should be myself afterall!

This was something to ponder. And I did. Pondered while I worked my day job. Pondered while I drove home. Pondered replying to emails. Pondered and pondered away. Then I felt like the village idiot.

So this begins my journey on being me. You’ll find a warped sense of humor at times. You’ll find a chaotic life. But I hope you find some entertainment. Yes, I might share some news of my writing here and there, but I swear it will not be blog posts of “Buy my book!” or other such mundane rubbish.

Now I’m off to think of the next post which might be about my lazy dog or my lazy husband or both. Toodles!