Angels Walk Among Us

Many of us can testify to having met angels at sometime in our lives. They might be literal angels or they are people sent to us during our times of need. I have met them and I think you have too.

What is an Angel?

An angel is a supernatural creature that mostly does good for those they encounter. That is the traditional definition. But that is not the type of angel I’m talking about here. Well maybe I am, but most of them I encounter are just special people who make a difference in my life.

These angels come in all forms and make us stop and think. They remind us to appreciate the little things in our lives.

Seeing the Angels Around Us

Believe it or not, angels are all around us. They come in forms from a butterfly passing by to the people who are there one moment and gone the next. I have met angels for no more than five minutes, but their impact has lasted decades.

Once about eighteen years ago, I decided that I would go to the grocery store with the children. Now, I managed to do grocery shopping with one child and then another. Yes, it was harder with two, but surely I could handle three. Boy, was I wrong! It was miserable. I tried to manage a cart with a baby in a car seat while keeping two toddlers in tow. I managed it out of the store, but that is when it fell apart. I couldn’t push the heavy cart with precious cargo and keep the kids from running in front of a car. A wonderful woman, my angel, was walking to the store from her car. She was sympathetic.

It wasn’t an easy decision to allow a stranger to help me with my children. But something told me that it was alright. She pushed the cart while I held onto the hands of my two older children. I still kept her in my sights in case my gut feeling was wrong, but she took the cart and my baby right to my car I had indicated. She stood by my cart as I got the children into their car seats. Then she helped me load my groceries into the trunk. Then she took the cart back into the store for me.

That was an angel. She didn’t have actual wings, but there were virtual ones there. I know it for a fact.

Other people can recount similar instances where they have met angels. They appear anywhere when we need them the most.

Watch For Angels

Life can be hard. We are caught up in the day to day struggles which can blind us to all the blessings life gives to us. How often do we miss the peaceful butterfly just a few feet away or the peeking rainbow after a dreary day? Good things are there, but we are ignore them. Even angels walk among us.

Keep an eye out for those angels. Notice who lifts your spirits even a tiny bit. They might be stranger. They might be someone you have known for years. Angels take many forms. Be thankful for them, and take their blessings with you to cherish in the years to come.