Dear Future Me…

Have you ever thought of what you’d like to tell the future you? It’s not as easy as you might think. This could cause you to think long and hard for days and still not have a solid answer. I know it did for me. Was it the future me next year? Five years from now? Or fifty years from now?

No Matter What Year

Which future me am I writing to? It doesn’t matter. The future me knows what I’m going through right now and all the time between now and then. I currently have no idea what will happen in the next half hour much less next month. So, this is for all the future me’s.

Be What You Want To Be

I look back over my past and realize that the real me had been lost. The me I was as a child has been stomped on and reshaped to fit what those around me and society wanted. Shyness enveloped me, and I began to do whatever I could to make others happy.

I kept my humor in check around certain people. Why? It’s not because my humor was crude. In fact, it was far from it. It tended to be more sarcastic which some people can’t seem to get. But as I began to let my humor come out, I found myself happier. I was being me.

No matter what happens or who is around you, don’t let them change you. Yes, you can learn from them to be a better person, but don’t let their opinions and rules change the core of you. Be funny if you want to. Enjoy what makes you happy.

Remember Who You Were

Don’t forget the past. Yes, I know we can’t let the past define us or let it dictate our future, but I firmly believe it can’t be forgotten. By doing so, I’ve found it has bitten me in the rear. Don’t let it keep doing it to you.

When we forget who we were, we tend to return to that old self, good or bad. We forget the mistakes we made, and we are bound to repeat them. That is something we want to avoid.

Remember how being shy and backwards held you back.

Remember that most people don’t change.

Remember that when people come after you that they are jealous.

Remember that only you can create happiness within yourself.

Remember all the times you regret not taking chances.

Forgive Me

Let me say that I’m very sorry for what I have done and am about to do. I might not realize how painful my actions were until the future me is reading this. I am human. Mistakes are made by me everyday. I might not realize the damage most of them do until years down the road.

I’m sorry.

I think the hardest person to forgive is ourselves. We live with the pain and guilt in a way that nobody else can. We dwell on it and think that nobody is as bad as we are. I’m not saying not to feel bad about something you have done. I’m saying that you need to move on eventually.

Forgive me for making the right decision.

Forgive me for taking chances.

Forgive me for not knowing what you know now.

Live Life

I have decided that I want my gravestone to say “Whew! That was one hell of a ride!” I’ve been so scared to live my life because everyone says I should be cautious and do what they want. Don’t do that. Live your life the way you want.

It is hard to it, I know. Fear takes over me/you just when you have the opportunity. That has happened all through your life. Maybe by the time you read this, you understand it a little more than I do now. I want to be adventurous, but am I up to it? I hope that you read this and scoff at my fear. That would mean you have overcome it and are living life. I hope that is the case. We should be able to meet life head on and enjoy the ride.

Now I’m off to become the me you are now.


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