The Weather and the Future

My grandmother was a very superstitious woman. She looked for signs in everyday life to tell her the future. Many of those signs were in nature. One of them was the moon. She looked up to the moon to see if it would rain the next day. (She was right most of the time.) This was a form of aeromancy.

Aeromancy the act of predicting the future based on the atmosphere. Okay, she really didn’t practice aeromancy, but you get the idea for it. Aeromancy has been around since the dawn of time. It makes sense as the future is unknown and the atmosphere is massive in how it impacts our lives.


Some look to the clouds to see what they can communicate to us humans. It is like reading tea leaves. The shape and color come into play. Those who think they can predict events by the clouds study them intently.

This goes beyond animals and boats we see shaped within the clouds. Some people think they can actually see the future and predict events. They see what the temperatures changes are and what other weather events are happening. The color of the sky, the intensity of the rain, the shape of the clouds – it all means something to those who claim to be able to read the weather.

Used in Stories

A writer can easily use this in any story. Maybe there is a person who town who claims they can predict local events by looking at the clouds and watching weather patterns. Pull this into a mystery story or a romantic comedy.

An entire story could be centered around this practice or a single character could be used to bring it in. Use it to drive the plot or give a dark edge to the storyline. Use it to track a killer or have the killer use it to find victims. Use it to reveal town secrets or as a laugh when nothing comes to pass.

Let you imagination run wild as you research this to see where it can fit into your story. I challenge you to write a flash fiction piece about it and see if you get inspired to write something longer.


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